Space Clearing

With the permission of the owners or renters of the home or work space, combined with the sanctification of the "Guardian" of the dwelling, energetic disturbances will be identified. Disturbances can range from the every-day issues of stagnant or depressed energy, to more esoteric concerns such as spirits stuck on the Earth plane, portholes to other dimensions or the presence of demonic energies.

Depending on the circumstances of the clearing, the client may be advised to book a tandem session for Spirit Release. Once cleared, spaces will be grounded and then protected by Archangel Michael. Instructions for how to maintain and clear everyday energy concerns will be provided.

Space clearings will be done via remote viewing unless an in-person visit is requested by the client. In person visits involve ceremonial elements and typically take 1-3 hours, as dependant upon the size of the space being cleared. Fee will be determined based on travel time and length of session. Hourly rates are consistent with all services.

Note: Spaces may build up additional energetic disturbances over time. It is recommended that one clears their space via seasonal cleansing/blessings, as well as when a negative energetic shift is felt.

Kristin has a lovely warm aura and is easy to connect with, I found Kristin’s reading of my house incredibly accurate, and through her work she was able to connect the dots to the past of the house. Her cleansing brought reassurance and warmth back into my home!
— Mica, Croatian